27 Nov 2019

Dusty & The Divas

Starring Sharon and Jessica Rowntree and the Greg Hooper Trio

Be prepared to be dazzled by glitz and glamour and amazing interpretations of the popular divas from the 60s and 70s.

Sharon and Jessica Rowntree have pooled their vocal talents to take you down memory lane with the iconic songs of Cilla Black, Patsy Cline, Karen Carpenter, Dolly Parton, Connie Francis and more.

Who can forget the classics of that era like I Only Want To Be With You, Shout, Downtown, Mr Postman, 9 to 5, Jolene, Son of a Preacher Man and many more. The Dusty & The Divas show is more than a tribute, it’s filled with awesome songs, great laughs and a visual treat all rolled into one.

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