17 Apr 2023

Trajectory – NXTGEN Project

What path are you on?

What determines the path our children start walking? Who/what is responsible for the adult they turn out to be? Join the NXTGEN cast in Sydney in a dance show for the whole family exploring these questions in a refreshing and innovative way.

About NXTGEN Project
NXTGEN Project’ takes dancers to the next level, giving them exposure to an authentic production environment guided by some of their favorite choreographers.  Our history as working dancers, choreographers, directors and producers in theatre, screen and stage, has taught us that there are many aspects to becoming a working dancer that can simply only be taught on the job. That is why we are replicating a true rehearsal and production process. We focus on developing performance quality, confidence and the ability to learn and adapt quickly.


Cast & Creatives

Sarah Boulter / Choreographer

Lauren Seymour / Choreographer

BJ Rorke / Choreographer

Aeysha Rorke / Choreographer

Monday 17 April, 7pm

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