18 Jun 2023

The Jane Barnes Band featuring Special Guests Jimmy Barnes & Mahalia Barnes

Sharing the love of music.

The Jane Barnes Band got its start as a family project when lockdown began in 2020 and the Barnes’ wanted to reach out to people who were struggling with isolation and let them know they were not alone.  Rather than do the songs Jimmy wrote or sang every night, they concentrated on doing songs they felt might touch people in a different way.

The ensemble grew and grew as time went on and some nights there would be special guest musicians and family members involved. Before they knew it, The Jane Barnes Band had taken flight.  The Jane Barnes Band repertoire is varied and soulful. They cover everything from Otis Redding to Doris Day and Dolly Parton, Cold Chisel to John Denver and Glen Campbell and Leonard Cohen to The Beatles.

Jane’s song choices have touched people far and wide – each song bringing memories of childhood and growing up streaming back at you.

The Jane Barnes Band is about sharing the love of music. No big productions here, but there’s a good chance you can catch a glimpse of the hope and love she feels for her family. She shares it every night with anyone who needs a lift.

Asked for an insight into the show, Jane said “I haven’t got a big band, but my singers are very expensive”.


Cast & Creatives

Jane Barnes / Musician

Jimmy Barnes / Special Guest

Mahalia Barnes / Special Guest

Bek Jensen / Support Act

18 Jun 2023 7:00 pm

The Jane Barnes Band featuring Special Guests Jimmy Barnes & Mahalia Barnes Play

Support Act
Bek Jensen
Sydney songwriter Bek Jensen, delivers her vocals in a way that is moving, heartfelt, identifiable, and filled with 100% soul. Already established as an in-demand backing vocalist from the age of 16, Bek has recorded and toured nationally with Australia’s iconic artists including Cold Chisel, Jimmy Barnes and Mahalia Barnes, Tina Harrod, The Sleepy Jackson, Jackie Orszaczky and Clayton Doley and Lachy Doley to name just a few and has released numerous original recordings, Bekimochi, Lucky and Magic & Art.

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