19 Aug 2020
90 Minutes

Equal Temperament – Why Western music differs from all others?

Art + Music Insights 2020 Online

As part of our Art + Music Insights 2020 Series, musician and lecturer of classical music, Andy Bromberger will be giving a free online talk.

Equal temperament was a musical invention which enabled composers and musicians to write and play our complexed Western music. Musicians, composers, scientists and instrument makers worked for hundreds of years, to manipulate sound to make our concept of tonality different from all other music. How did they do this and why was it so important?

Andy Bromberger started her musical career as a professional clarinettist, teaching, and playing in numerous orchestras as well as performing in her own successful quintet, Enigma Five. For ten years she has been the force behind ‘Coffee, Cake and Culture’, where she presents lectures in intimate private groups, demystifying classical music, looking at its historical, political and societal background over coffee and homemade cakes.

She also gives regular lectures at the Art Gallery of NSW and the WEA, as well as a series of radio programs on Sydney’s Eastside radio. She also takes music related tours with Renaissance Tours. With a passionate and engaging style of presentation, Andy is in demand with both national and international audiences.

Be part of the online audience for this FREE event by clicking on this Zoom link on Wednesday 19 August 2020 11am. There will also be a Q&A session after the talk.


19 Aug 2020 11:00 am


Watch the recording of the entire online event via the video below!
Equal Temperament – Why Western music differs from all others? Play

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