12 Jun
75 Minutes

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

Music Talk with Andy Bromberger

The Ninth Symphony is one of the greatest works in the classical repertoire, regarded as the pinnacle of Beethoven’s achievements and a culmination of his genius. Written between 1822 – 1824, it is remarkable not only for its grandness of scale but also being the first symphony from a major composer to use voices, the Ode to Joy from Friedrich Schiller.

Join Andy Bromberger as she reveals the political, social and historic implications of this ground-breaking piece of music in this special lecture.

About Andy Bromberger
Andy Bromberger (ASCM, BMus perf) started a music appreciation series over a decade ago called ‘Coffee, Cake and Culture”. CCC looks at music history- exploring music’s social history and the political, environmental and societal circumstances which influenced composers, performers and the listening public. She has given regular talks at the Art Gallery of NSW, takes tours – nationally and internationally with Renaissance Tours, has a podcast called “Coffee Cake and Culture – the music podcast” and last year was the animateur for the inaugural Oberon Chamber Music Festival.


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Duration: 75 minutes

Wednesday 12 June at 11am

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