26 May 2023
60 Minutes

300 Paintings

Presented by Sam Kissajukian

Is art a joke? Comedian Sam Kissajukian takes you through 300 paintings he made in five months of isolation. A comedian’s take on art, the artistic process, mental health and its ties to creativity.

Imagine being in lockdown and entering an altered mental state, which would ultimately lead to the creation of 300 paintings. This was the reality for Sam Kissajukian, an award-winning comedian with over a decade of experience on stage.

The culmination of this experience is a unique performance installation offering, where live comedy meets visual art exhibition, and we are inviting you to experience this insight into the brain and experience of Sam.

300 Paintings was the winner of 2022 Sydney Fringe Festival Award for Best Comedy and Directors Choice Award. It was also nominated for five other awards at the 2022 Sydney Fringe Festival.


Sam has been working professionally as a stand-up comedian for 10 years. He has toured globally in the USA, UK, Europe and all around Australia. Recently, he had a breakout year as a visual artist. Within three months of going public with his art, he had numerous acquisitions by international collectors, received extensive media coverage about his art, exhibitions at 107 Projects and a solo exhibition in Perth where 25 of his works were later acquired by City of Perth to display on LCD screens for the month of August. He recently put together a show detailing his journey into art called 300 Paintings in Lockdown which won “Best Comedy” and “Directors Choice Award” at the Sydney Fringe Festival 2022. This show was also nominated for five awards: “Best Spoken Word” and four touring awards.


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26 May 2023 6:00 pm

"Comedy as an artistic statement of unlimited creative potential."


"So much more than comedy – it’s high art. The show deserves to be lauded far and wide."

Glam Adelaide

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