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Bananas in the Bedside Table

Local theatre maker and long time friend of the Joan, Suzy Dunne, presented a showing of her latest work ‘Bananas in the Bedside Table’ as part of our 2015 Q Lab program. From here Suzy and her creative team will take on a second creative development with Blacktown Arts Centre.bananas

Quick Taster

‘Bananas in the Bedside Table’ is an original physical theatre piece that explores the impact of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease on families and the greater community. The piece draws from personal experiences of this devastating disease by investigating the often humorous circumstances arising from it, whilst highlighting the underlying sadness that comes from slowly losing a loved one. The concept will be developed in collaboration with a small, yet diverse group of professional performing artists based in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. The final work will be a cross-disciplined performance incorporating physical theatre, text, comedy, multimedia and music.