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Subscribe to three shows from our Kids & Families 2019 Season and go into the draw for a chance to win 1 Family Pass to TreeTops Western Sydney Crazy Rider Xpress* – the world’s fastest roller coaster zip line. Valued at at least $114.

The half kilometer ride features two adrenaline pumping 360-degree loops, a stomach-churning drop and many twists and turns, with riders able to reach up to a considerable 2.3G-force. Astronauts experience approximately 3G-force when launching from earth!

TreeTops Western Sydney screams of excitement and joy, and rings out from high in the branches as people from all ages experience the daring adventures on offer. Like Tarzan deep in the jungle they can slide down flying foxes, move from tree-to-tree on suspension bridges and jump from a line up to 20m above the forest floor.

The multi-award winning park offers a fantastic adventure activity the whole family can enjoy together without any special ability or knowledge at a reasonable price.

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