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studioQ returns for 2017!

Thank you to all the parents and supporters for contributing to the success of our studioQ 2016 program! The Joan is busy preparing the studioQ program for 2017, which will include similar classes to our 2016 program:

  • Starting Out (for ages 5-8)
  • Stepping Up (ages 9-12)
  • Ignite (ages 13-15)
  • Accelerate (ages 16-18)
  • Access Ensemble (for people living with a disability).

Term 1 Classes start from Friday 17th February  and will run for eight weeks, finishing Saturday 8th April.

Rates are likely to be similar to 2016 rates and are TBC (see the individual class links above for 2016 studioQ rates.)

Registration for returning studioQ students opens on Monday 16 January, and for new students on Thursday 19 January, 2017.