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APPLICATIONS OPEN: Sydney Fringe Festival and Q Theatre

Sydney Fringe Festival and Q Theatre are coming together to present two new independent theatre projects in 2018. If you have a new work you’d like to present as part of our Q Indie season, we’d love to hear from you.

We welcome submissions from theatre, comedy, dance, movement, performance art, visual art & interdisciplinary artists.

Our offer –

  1. One week season in our Allan Mullins theatre.
  2. 70% of box income.
  3. Use of our standard LX and SND rig.
  4. Online hosting of your show and ticketing infrastructure as part of the Q Theatre Indie Season.
  5. Marketing support ( hosting website, DM, limited print collateral)
  6. 21 x hours technical support
  7. 14 x hours of FOH support
  8. 1 x week of rehearsal space.

What we need from you –

  1. Production of play
  2. A work that needs to be ready for production.
  3. Production Team (Cast, LX designer, SFX designer, Production designer/s, Stage Manager)

Apps open until 13th April

Presentation dates: 6th – 19th September

If you have any questions contact Emele at emele.ugavule@penrith.city