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FLANNOFEST 2015: Time Piece Awards Announced

The Joan is proud to announce the recipients of the 2015 FLANNOFEST Awards and commendations as chosen by our Industry Panel and the Audience.

Blue Mountains Grammar School

Performance Award & Audience Pick
Have You Seen It?
Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School

Technical Award
St Clair High School

Stagecraft Award
Clock Work
Wycliffe Christian School

Commendation for Social Commentary
The News
Glenmore Park High School

Commendation for Fearless Self-Parody
A Point To Prove
Cambridge Park

Commendation for Characterization
Dianne Is Dead
Caroline Chisholm College

Commendation for Script
Total Technology Takeover
Kingswood High School

The Stagecraft Award is given for the work which best utilizes the Q Theatre stage and auditorium, the Technical Award is given for the work which uses elements of technical production to greatest effect, the Performance Award is given for the work which displays the best all-round performance skills and the FLANNOFEST Award is given for the work which displays the best combination of all these elements. The Audience Pick is awarded for the most entertaining work as chosen by the Audience.