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Interview with Catherine Alcorn

Catherine Alcorn

What do you most want people to know about The Divine Miss Bette?
I want folks to know what a faaaabulous night out it will be. Lots of laughs, great music and plenty of foul behaviour. What’s not to love!

What’s your favourite Bette Midler moment?
It would have to be the ‘blood clot’ moment in her film Big Business. Fans will know what I mean!

How has it evolved and what have been the biggest highlights of the show so far?

The show is constantly evolving which keeps it fresh for our returning audiences and us!  The biggest evolution each show comes from the audience which, for me, is the most exciting part.

Describe a day in your working life…
No two days are the same and that’s what I love about my job. I’m taking my other stage show Go Your Own Way: The story of Christine McVie to the Tamworth Country Music Festival this weekend, so this week is being spent rehearsals with my cast, liaising with venue management, technicians, publicisist…..and on it goes!

What did you want to do with your career when you were growing up?
Exactly what I’m doing now. I’m living the dream.

What has been your favourite moment or moments in the theatre?
There have been so many. Being sung happy birthday to by an audience of 300 when we performed The Divine Miss Bette on my birthday at the Noosa Long Weekend Festival in 2012 was pretty special. Playing the role of Lulie Stanwyck in the Australian premiere of the Off Broadway hit 5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche last year was thrilling. Launching my album at Glenn Street Theatre in August last year was a huge deal. Many of my industry friends smashed it last year either producing shows or being cast in lead roles for major musicals or both, so it’s been wonderful seeing them succeed at their endeavours too.

And your favourite / most memorable musical moments?
Being invited up onto the Sydney Opera House stage with Chris Botti was very memorable. He has one of the most incredible bands I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. Lisa Fischer was on tour with him that year too so it was extra special. If you’ve never seen Chris live in concert, GO! 

Name six people you’d invite to dinner if you could invite anyone at all, living or not.
Jennifer Saunders
Ruby Wax
David Bowie
My partner Cameron
Patrick Brammall
Ricky Gervais