24 Feb 2024
70 Minutes
$26 - $45

Stories That Must Be Heard

Circus, opera and classical music embrace in this powerful new concert experience

Composed and created by Australian composer Chloé Charody, Stories That Must Be Heard helps to tell two profound stories.

In recent years, Chloé Charody has spent time helping refugees across the globe, and has learnt about the horrors of war that caused them to flee and the unjust treatment many have received at the hands of the governments they have turned to for sanctuary.

Stories That Must Be Heard will feature a new violin sonata written for the unique acrobatic skill set of violin virtuoso Sonja Schebeck and acrobat Josh Frazer, set at Melbourne Park Hotel in 2021 when many refugees were detained indefinitely and a new song cycle composed by Chloé Charody based on the poetry collection of Iranian poet and Manus Prison survivor, Mohammad Ali Maleki.

“Composer Chloé Charody is remarkable not just for her genre-defying music or the gravity-defying nature of its performance – a combination of classical music, circus and opera – but for her commitment to highlighting the plight of refugees in her work.” – Limelight Magazine

Cast & Creatives

Chloé Charody / Composer and Creator

Josh Frazer / Acrobat

Sonja Schebeck / Acrobatic Violinist

Caitlin Redding / Acrobatic Soprano

24 Feb 2024 7:30 pm

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