03 Jun 2019
135 Minutes
$18 - $25

Soundscape 2019

St Paul’s Grammar School Music Academy presents Soundscape 2019

This event provides a performance showcase of SPGS co-curricular music ensembles featuring a wide range of musical styles. Ensembles include choirs, jazz, world music, percussion, chamber groups, rock bands, strings and ukulele.

The St Paul’s Grammar School Music Academy focuses on exploring the relationship between a biblical faith and the origins and expressions of goodness, truth, beauty, imagination and creativity. We are continuing to develop an arts scene that is linked to the wider society – to its ensembles and performance and collaboration opportunities.  We want to celebrate and engage with cultural diversity educationally. Creating artworks enriches the holistic development of students, nurturing group participation and cooperation and promoting a collectively defined identity and communal ethos.


03 Jun 2019 7:00 pm

Sold Out

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