20 May 2022
90 Minutes

Game Show

Open Fridays

Join us at The Joan’s Borland Lounge on for some fun at our very own Game Show!

Can you guess the price of a blender to the dollar? Can you decipher a phrase from a series of blank squares? Have you ever dreamed of experiencing the charm of TV royalty like Larry, Grant or Eddie? Well come on down to the most interactive theatre experience in Penrith! Game Show will see all your favourite TV competition games mashed into an entertaining 60-minute experience. The Price Is Right with this show so don’t hesitate to book or you’ll miss your opportunity to spin the Wheel of Fortune and win great prizes*.

Now it’s your time to shine, so come sit in the HOT SEAT and hopefully you will be the sole Survivor.

*Prizes may not actually be great. Greatness is subjective.

Admission to Game Show is free with ticket registration. Click on the BOOK NOW button on this page to register for a ticket now.

You’re welcome to just walk right in, take part in Game Show or just sit back and appreciate the atmosphere and company. And don’t miss out on some fine tapas while you’re at it.

Tapas Menu $6 a plate (indicative – may change due to availability of produce):

  • Spanish Olives
  • Cream Cheese Stuffed Peppers
  • Corn Chips with Avocado dip and Pico de Gallo
  • Apricot and Almond cream cheese served with Water Crackers
  • Saucy Chorizo Bites
  • Truffle Polenta Chips served with Salsa rosada

Doors open from 5pm, and while finishing times may vary, the timing will be perfect if you’re seeing a show, going out locally for dinner, or just popping in for a post-work drink before the weekend. Generally it’ll be last drinks by 7.30pm.

20 May 2022 6:00 pm

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Open Fridays is proudly funded by the NSW Government, through the Create NSW Culture Up Late – Western Sydney program.

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