27 Jul 2023
60 Minutes

Creative Conversations

Music Matters: The Value of Music Within Communities by Dr Alana Blackburn, Senior Lecturer in Music

Why do people take part in creative community practices, and what are the benefits for a community and its region? Dr Alana Blackburn’s research looks at the value of music from a social, economic, cultural, and educational perspective in non-metropolitan communities. From well-being and deeply personal experiences of amateur musicians to the altruistic tendencies of professional artists, this engaging presentation takes a deep dive into the value and wealth music can bring to society.


Dr Alana Blackburn is a Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of New England where she teaches performance, pedagogy, and ensemble leadership. She is a graduate in music performance from Sydney and Amsterdam conservatories and has a Masters in Arts Management and PhD from UNE. As a performer, Alana is a highly regarded recorder player throughout Australia and Europe as a soloist and ensemble musician and performs music spanning over 500 years. Her academic research combines creative practice and studies in organisational behaviour to create synergies between the two areas. As part of the Regional Music Research Group and based in Armidale, NSW, Alana is an advocate of regional music both at community and professional levels.

Specialists in music, theatre, poetry, creative writing, screen studies and history will engage with audiences in presentations that profile current projects, questions and investigations into the arts. Join our speakers in a relaxed after-work setting to learn about their research and be inspired, piqued and challenged as our presenters explore the changing nature of arts and culture in Australia. Presentations will be 45 minutes followed by a Q&A session with the researcher where audiences can dig deeper and find out more about the themes and discoveries of the talk.

The Creative Conversations Series is presented by the University of New England Cultural and Creative Arts Network in partnership with The Joan.

27 Jul 2023 6:30 pm

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