03 Mar 2023
$30 - $35


Salon: Featuring some of the best music from around the world

Performing around the world for over 25 years, and selling out festivals and venues wherever they go, Marsala covers some of the best music from Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, and Zimbabwe. Presenting ‘the world’ in music, from Gypsy music, Tango, Salsa, Samba, African Township music, to French Rap and Italian Jazz… audiences can’t help but dance and fall in love with each other’s traditions.

Marsala brings together the life work and study of some outstanding musicians, and knowledge and understanding of many traditions from around the globe. Led by the charismatic Joseph Zarb – who grew up in Penrith – on vocals and guitar, joined by brilliant musicians including Lupco Stojcevski on saxophone in the Macedonian tradition of music, Gino Pengue on guitar and multi-instrumentalist Jess Ciampa.

“For two decades Marsala has been turning music from all around the world into one repertoire, and people from around the world into one audience. Every groove was somewhere between vibrant and irresistible, and virtually every solo raised the stakes of its host song … this was music as art and for dancing all at once; music for going a little crazy. And the community that goes crazy together sticks together.”- John Shand, SMH

03 Mar 2023 7:00 pm

About the Artists

That night, when I heard your music, I understood you perfectly,
and when I understood you,
I loved you.
And then we danced.
And the music took us to
Cuba and Bosnia and France and Italy and Pakistan and Serbia and
Colombia and Brasil and Spain and Ireland and Macedonia and Algeria and Japan and
Marsala is
The heart and soul of music of the world.
A trumpet that will make your heart swell
A saxophone like horses galloping
Flamenco style guitars driving the rhythm and Bass and Drums
The spirit of the Gipsys
and beautiful beautiful lyrics
‘I came to listen
I came to dance
To Love’

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