15 Jun
180 Minutes
$40 - $70

Colombo Talents 2024

An Evening of Brilliance and Benevolence!

“Colombo Talents 2024,” proudly presented by the University of Colombo Alumni Association of NSW Inc.

It promises to be a showcase of exceptional performances featuring the illustrious band “Tech Tones” and a diverse array of talents from University Alumni and Sydney’s finest.

This gala isn’t just about showcasing talent; it’s a celebration of the spirit of giving. All net profits from the event will directly support the welfare of

University of Colombo students, aiding in their educational and personal growth. Whether you’re a lover of music, dance, or any form of artistic expression,

“Colombo Talents 2024” offers the perfect stage to witness passion and creativity come to life.

Please secure your seat to be captivated as an audience member where every performance makes a difference,

Don’t miss out this evening where talent meets purpose!

15 Jun 2024 6:00 pm

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