25 Mar 2023
70 Minutes


Presented by Friendlyjordies

This is about the most insane thing that’s ever happened to me – being sued for defamation. I am going to reveal to you for the first time the extraordinary lengths that press, the legal system and the NSW Coalition Government conspired in order to protect one 50 year old brat.

Audience Information: Coarse language, adult themes. This performance relies on a Powerpoint presentation and may not be accessible to those who have a visual impairment.

About Jordan Shanks

Jordan Shanks is a controversial political satirist, investigative journalist and podcast creator.

He has produced over 890 no-holds-barred videos for his YouTube channel, has over 850,000 thousand followers on social media and his videos have been viewed over 192 million times.

Jordan hopes he will foster some sort of interest in socio-political discourse, maybe even stir positive change, but most people keep asking him to dress up as a high school kid he once knew. Sometimes he complies.

25 Mar 2023 8:00 pm

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