30 May 2023
120 Minutes

Bindi Bosses Drum & Dance Workshop

South Indian drumming, dancing and fusion fun!

Fresh from their sold-out workshop at Sydney Opera House, join Shyamla, the boss of BINDI BOSSES, for 2hrs of South Indian drumming, dancing and fusion fun! Experience the joy of Parai Attam, a Tamil folk dance set to the beat of the oldest drum in Indian history, to express ancient rhythms through your hands, feet, voice and body. The session will also include signature moves and grooves from South Asian and fusion dance styles including Kollywood (Tamil cinema), Bollywood (Hindi cinema) and Hip Hop. Packed with pelvic thrusts and hip shakes, you will learn how to transform stories and rhythms into smoking hot dance moves. No previous dance experience required – just a willingness to shimmy, sweat and smile!

BINDI BOSSES workshops provide safe, inclusive, judgement-free spaces to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and to explore movement while emphasising self-empowerment, body positivity and cross-cultural exchange.


During the workshop wear comfortable clothes. Participants will be asked to dance barefoot. Bring a bottle of water.

This workshop is suited to families and children over 8 years old. We encourage families to come and dance together. No experience necessary.

30 May 2023 4:00 pm


BINDI BOSSES is a Matriarchal Movement: a self-funded South Asian Fusion Arts company based in Warrang (Sydney) that seamlessly blends Traditional Indian Classical and Folk dances with influences from South Asian Cinema and Street dances from around the world. BINDI BOSSES provides a platform for diverse artists to collaborate and create through Dance, Costume Design, Henna Art, Graphic Design, Styling, Photography, Videography and more. BINDI BOSSES reclaims and celebrates its diverse South Asian heritage by providing a safe space to experiment with and express multifaceted identities.

“We stand in solidarity with the Traditional Owners of the unceded lands on which we practice, perform and stand and use our art to challenge traditional norms and preconceptions. We do not pander to what people outside (or inside) our cultures expect to see. Instead, we are redefining what that looks like on our own terms, beyond the stereotype of Bollywood, and with respect to First Nations.”



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