03 Aug
$50 - $80

Bak Maha Rangana 2024


Bak Maha Rangana 2024 (BMR) is an annual cultural extravaganza, presented by Sinhalese Cultural Forum of NSW, Australia Incorporated.

BMR 2024 will showcase various performing art varieties such as dancing, drum symphonies, singing and drama. It will also feature singing performances of the invited guest artist from Sri Lanka, Visharad Amandya Uthpalie (of Regjnata Anda fame) to the backdrop of versatile dancing by the best dancers of Sydney.  Amandya is a highly popular peak singer, performing artist, voicing artist, project manager, trainer in child protection, storyteller, TV presenter and a social worker. She is the holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree and Masters in Sociology from the University of Colombo. BMR will also present the performances of a large number of skilled performers from Sydney, showcasing proud Sri Lankan cultural heritage through song, dance, drumbeats and drama.

03 Aug 2024 6:30 pm

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