Work Experience and Placement

Work Experience and Placement

Please Note: We are not accepting Work Experience or Work Placement enquiries until 2023. Stay tuned and keep a look out on our website and social channels for more information.

Are you young and passionate about pursuing a career in the performing arts? Get a taste for the arts industry and gain key practical experience with Penrith Performing & Visual Arts’ (PP&VA) Work Experience and Work Placement programs at The Joan.

Both programs aim to foster the next generation of arts industry professionals by giving students a behind-the-scenes insight into the workings of an arts organisation. During their placement, students will have the opportunity to work alongside our team of experienced arts professionals from a range of different areas including creative, production and technical.

  • Work Experience is available for Year 10 students. Successful applicants complete a standard work week onsite during school term. This program gives students an introduction into the nature and workings of a professional arts environment, allowing them to link and implement classroom learning to real life situations in the arts industry. Many students find Work Experience assists them in choosing their elective subjects for their Senior School years.
  • Work Placement is available for Vocational Educational Training (VET) students. Hours are flexible and tailored to the individual student’s workplace suitability. This block placement enables the student to gain a more thorough understanding of PP&VA’s inner workings and further extend their skills through exclusive opportunities. For instance, helping the team backstage prepare for a show.

These initiatives are a fantastic way to discover the practicalities of the workplace, attain valuable life skills, develop arts skills and deepen your love of the creative and performing arts.

Experiences will vary for students depending on which team they are working with and what is happening at The Joan while they are there.


Students are encouraged to contact their School Careers Adviser.

Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis and youth of all abilities, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds are encouraged to apply.